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Gordon Food Service (GFS) is a food service distributor based in Wyoming, Michigan serving the Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest regions of the United States and coast-to-coast in Canada. It also operates stores in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin. According to Forbes Magazine, GFS is the twenty-second largest privately held company in the United States.

Niya shares her awful experience on Yelp, "If I had to describe Gordon Food Service in one word, it would be: horrible. From the moment I walked in, the racial tension in the air was hard to deny. I felt like a prisoner in my own country. The customer service was horrible. Needless to say, I will not be coming back to this store for as long as I live on earth."


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Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I did not like working for Gordon Food Service. The management sucks and did not give fair amount of hours. I would not recommend this company especially if you bills to pay."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"I wouldn’t work for GFS again if my life depended on it. It once was a good place to work and then the family got out and the board took over and now it’s about the bottom line for the company and nothing left over but crumbs for the employeesBenefitsEverything else"

Shipping and Receiving (Current Employee) says

"Management is awful and they don’t care about employees as well. The like working people to death and don’t understand family emergencies at all.There is no flexibility at all."

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Bully tactics and east Indians, this place is not worth your time. Stressful hours with little pay. You are literally a number on the schedule. Don't waste your effort."

Truck Driver (Current Employee) says

"No driver safety,People not friendly or working together is very difficult. Leaders don’t follow the rules that is in place for everyone. There is favorable work for friends and family members in the work place."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"Management is a joke. They ignore their employees and their pages for help. Ignore calls of concern about being harassed by coworkers. You are reprimanded if you talk to your coworkers about anything but work. You are promised promotions that never come. Store managers will ignore bodily fluid contamination’s and act like they don’t exist just so they don’t have to start their morning prep over again. Their meat cutters cross contaminate product as well as have snot dripping from their noses onto the fresh meat as they cut it. Don’t shop at GFS don’t work for GFS."

Warehouse Selector (Current Employee) says

"Gordon food service has changed alot it is no longer a manual facility but it is now automated. The work is completely different from when I first began my journey with them.Thanks for your review. We're sorry you feel that the switch from manual to automated hasn't been a change for the better. As a company we work hard to grow with purpose, and that includes the way we opened as a manual facility and switched to automated. If you have concerns about the change in work, we recommend talking to your supervisor or HR. One of our cornerstone values is "Everyone is Important", and that includes you!"

Selector (Former Employee) says

"Stop with the b.s 100% picking time garbage, pay 20 bucks an hour at least especially if your gonna make your employees work 16 to 17 hours a day with 45 min break make it 2 shifts instead of 1."

Van Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Don't. Many of the people are very nice, but the company is poorly organized and manged terribly. No process or method to anything they do. Physically dangerous. Unsafe. Terrible maintenance. No communication. No leadership accountability. A huge, fire-from-the-hip, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants outfit. Almost embarrassing to work for because of the circumstances the bosses will put you in with the customers. Alot of feeling stupid and just having to say "I'm sorry" all the time.Thank you for your review- hopefully you shared your safety concerns with your leadership team. We pride ourselves on maintaining our fleet so they are safe for our drivers. As for the work, typically our Van Drivers are running late orders or missing items out, so unfortunately sometimes apologizing while giving awesome customer service is part of the job. We're sorry it didn't work out for you, and wish you the best of luck in your career."

Shuttle Driver (Former Employee) says

"Revolving doors , revoloving managers , terminal management, and no end in site company changes work details makes you work harder for less money and instead of making things better they make them worseNoneEverything"

Not say (Former Employee) says

"Dont work there if you are a minority, they are a company that is totally white america, font be diffetent they are closed minded and wont let you be you. Sad, corporate leaders and owners probably but who they get to tun their locations they should choose better.arentGood people from previous purchaseManagement from middle America comes in thinking they know everything."

Retail Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management is so lazy here ! They expect you to do it all and get paid terribly ! They don’t staff correctly at all the pay is bad and the managers lie"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Since the Gordon family is not involved. They treat their people like they are a number and that they can be replaced. They have no value to offer if it is a temp job until you find a better one it’s ok. If you are looking for a career keep looking!"

Dock Worker/Forklift Operator (Current Employee) says

"TEAM LEADERS OUR SO OUT OF TOUCH WITH WHATS GOING ON AROUND THEM THEY ARE TRYING TOO FIGHT FOR THERE OWN JOBS !!!!!!!!!!!! Find another job this place has nothing to offer Now we have a close door policy everything Is too be done through emails now.. when you shut your driving out From a short talk then you will find a lot of Great drivers walk out on you and then your forced too bad unsafe drivingGordon Food Service has an open door policy, so if you feel like you're not getting the support you need from your manager, we highly recommend reaching out to Human Resources or your Director. One of our cornerstone values is Everyone is Important, and we don't want you to feel as if that doesn't include you. If there is more we can do to support you, please reach out."

Hi-Lo Operator (Current Employee) says

"Job is trash! It’s something to use until you better yourself. Management is trash. You have to be a weak minded individual to think this is the job of a lifetime.Our warehouse jobs can be great career opportunities, but they are hard work and not for everyone. If you plan to stay, please seek out your leadership or HR team to share specific concerns and opportunities for improvement."

office (Former Employee) says

"culture is horrible although they post tons of pictures to make it look like it is amazing. teachers pets are the only ones who are ever promoted. Dont bother applyingThank you for your review. We are sorry that you did not enjoy your time while you were here. We have a very strong culture here based on our cornerstone values and we regret that you did not experience this in a positive way. We pride ourselves in being consistent in our hiring practices and ensure recruitment is fair and equitable. We encourage applicants to apply directly online through our career portal, and one of our talented recruiters will review your resume."

Order Selector (Former Employee) says

"Select items throughout warehouse freezer, cooler, and dry. make sure customer gets correct item to their company. Select ice cream for different jobsSorry to hear that this opportunity wasn't what you expected."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"They give you so many stops like 14 and 1200 cases to 1000. For $1200 it needs to pay more like sysco. The Supervisor never know nothing, is like talking to a kid."

Customer Development Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The only family they care about is the one with the last name Gordon. Management buys into cult like life style rather than sales success. Had elder care issues with my mom and was let go because I was late to a few meeting which I said I would be due to my mom. Was well over quota and it was not about results rather some lofty Christian code they want to impose on others. Sales turnover is high because it’s better to understaff for manag"

Truck Driver Class A (Former Employee) says

"I don't recommend this company to any ones. It's very bad place to work they don't care about dot regulation. They force you to work more tham 14/h. I agree with the other bad comment here they have favoritism with some driver and they don't care about you. After you get out it is on your own. So keep your self out there."

Miss Noor says

"First of all let me start by saying that I wouldn’t even give 1 star but you literally have too before moving forward. So 1 day around 5pm one of their drivers decided that he couldn’t be bothered to find a suitable place and decided to block my garage. At the point I just looked at the van and seen that because it was a reputable company surely it will be moved soon. The next morning came and my husband got to the garage and guess what, the van was still there. We had to call the number on the van, leave a message with one of the call centre agents and then we had a call around 11:30-12:00. It was the area manager called Simon who apologised and was almost making excuses up for the driver saying he couldn’t find parking when that is a complete lie. There is a park by my house so there’s plenty of parking and no yellow lines. Anyhow I advised Simon that my husband had had to cancel his shift. He is a security guard therefore it was a must to cancel the shift as Secuirty jobs are different you need to be there or they get someone else to replace them and there. I told him that I was at a financial loss of £80 plus calling the 0845 number cost me around £3-4. He told me he would speak to his seniors and get something arranged for me. I have waited 2 weeks only to be told sorry nothing can be done as they got the van removed soon as they could. The van shouldn’t have been there in the first place. I have a family to feed and £80 to me is a lot. These people are disgusting."

Ulla says

"I am the Founder of an online retail business and we have used GFS to deliver our parcels to our European customers for the past 8 months. Prior to that we used DPD, but they unfortunately put their prices up and we saw some price resistance from our customers, which is why we ended up with GFS. Their prices are good (not cheap though!), and that's about all the good I can say about them. They keep losing our parcels or returning them undelivered to our warehouse (without even trying to deliver them). We NEVER get an apology for them. No explanations for the mishaps either and no offers to resend the packages quickly on their account (unless you ask). Furthermore, the tracking results you get from them are completely useless. All it says is when it shipped and that it is in transit (no s**t Sherlock!). We have honestly had more issues with GFS deliveries to the EU over the past 8 months than we have had to the entire world with DHL, DPD and Royal Mail combined in 3 years. If you want to offer your customers great, reliable and truly trackable deliveries, I highly recommend going with another courier company..."

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